Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's start out small...

Let's start out small!

The first items to leave this abode while on this quest are the items pictured above:

- a mug that M has had forever
- a bottle opener that we acquired as a favour while attending an event
- foot scrub, unopened, that was part of a larger toiletries set I bought on sale at Costco
- a tube of BB cream that I received as a gift

We do not need these items, and they do not fit with the items we do have. The BB cream, although I tried to make work for me, is for someone with fairer and / or grayer skin than me, the foot scrub has never been used, and we have another one of the same bottle openers from the same event, since we each received one at the event. I guess, in our twisted logic, (or solely mine) I thought we both required one to remember the event, even though we rarely drink beer at home.

We also have other bottle openers (I am 99% sure, even though I cannot think of where it would be right now). We are just hoarders at heart! And since the bottle opener was new and shiny I suppose we just had to keep it.

These items are going into the "free box" at work, minus the mug which will be utilized in the lunchroom.

I have to say that the clutter at home has been bothering me for ... Forever. And I am committed to rectifying that.

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