Friday, November 22, 2013

Yesterday and today.

Let's start with yesterday:

A skimmer (we have a metal one), a plate lifter (as useless as it is to me, Mark has another one. The compromises we make...). Also, a carving fork. I found two more this morning. Mark needs to approve getting rid of one of the remaining two.

Today, I rummaged through the kitchen drawer again and found the following:

Eight. Eight bottle openers (and variations), and we don't even drink beer at home!!! We wound up turfing the following:

The bottle openers (and corkscrews, and can openers) that we wound up keeping served more than one function, and were easy-ish to store.

Yes, we were breaking the principle of having more than one item, but hopefully we will rid of more in the future. Baby steps!

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